The Power of Harmony


Artist Ans Carels is inspired by the lyrical and aesthetical,  by music, dance and architecture and above all by ‘the greatest artist’ : Nature
The different realities that are expressed in her work emerge from Silence: the new and unexpected coming into form from this powerful source
Her work is inspirational and touches your heart.

Ans has made a life’s journey which is enterprising and innovative as well as mystical  Her manifestations arise from an inner depth , an awareness of  the flow of life and renewal runs through her life as a continuous thread

Ans Carels also was a career woman.  In the 80-ies, she was one of the first women that managed to reach the top in the business-world.  As a  member of the board , she worked at the Dutch subsidiary of a multinational company in the field of consumer products.  With the passionate way she handled her work , she gave expression to the choice of a less conventional road. She wrote a book with a very focused title : “New” - on new product development. At that point in time, her creativity and sense of renewal were mostly directed at the outside world.

And then, her life changed. In the years that followed, her deep interest in the intuitive, spiritual world became stronger and stronger.  She followed an intensive training program that enabled her to handle , in a grounded way ,  her psychic gifts ,  which were potentially  already there.  Being fascinated by people’s transformation processes . she worked as an intuitive counsellor for several years

Ans likes to talk about the world of energy with her feet on the ground.  Her essays on spirituality aim to make this world more accessible , and she adds  “in order to integrate spirituality in day-to-day life , you need to be grounded  and make your choices from the heart “

Her paintings are the artistic expression of her intense experience of the spiritual world.  Her way of living, painting and writing tell that you can renew your life any moment.  The essence is that you can continuously choose to express yourself in a new way, allowing different realities to come into form

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