In this writing I want to consider inner space.  It’s obvious, all of us (except for the homeless) have a physical space we can call our own -  like our home , and in our home we may have a special personal space like an office or a hobby-room.  However, our own ‘space’  also exists on an energy plane. What is that exactly, what is its significance , how do you know  you have it or have lost it ? How can you keep your ‘space’ clean?  And how do you recognize desirable or undesirable  ‘guests’ in your space?

First of all: what is that ‘space’ ?  In your physical body there is an ‘energy-body’ that keeps your body alive. It radiates around you as your aura.  Seen from the physical world , the material viewpoint,  your energy-body/aura appears as a space,  as emptiness. But this ‘empty space’ is actually filled with light. And light is information. In your ‘space’  there is a flow of information that goes far beyond the comprehension of your mind.  It is universal intelligence. It is your connection with the source from which everything is born.  So, also the source from which your mental capacities, your thinking arises. You cannot understand it with your intellect, you can only be aware of it. Being conscious of it.  It is the place of inner silence where your Higher Self gives information on your life’s goals and your life’s road.  Ideas are born here as well as  new solutions .  While your ordinary thinking - your mind - analyses, evaluates and gives language and form to the things in the material world,  your ‘space’ brings you renewal and originality.  Your mind is only a small computer compared with the unlimited Intelligence to which your inner ‘space’ gives you access.  It is therefore of great significance for your well being and your vitality , enabling you to live nourished by your own information rather then being programmed by the outside world .  Through one’s inner space , one can command vast amounts of information -  not only  from this life on earth but also from many previous lives.
But is seems as if the world conspires to keep you away from  connecting with this inner source.  From morning to evening you are bombarded with mental messages that all want to have a place in your ‘space’.  I consider television as the most intruding.  After an evening in front of the tube, most people have totally lost their space , whether they are conscious of it or not. Even apart from TV, the ether is filled with mental noise because every thought is a “package”  in the ether. We are all like radios that are sending out messages.  Our days are full of information exchanges.  In other words , you share your ‘space’ with others.  With some people this can be a real pleasure but there are others who have no respect for  your energy-body or space : people who are draining, the trespassers, usurpers, and ‘terrorists’.  People that are only interested in mining as much energy / information from you as possible while others may mentally be so forceful that they take over somebody else’s space completely.  Somewhat like a guest who takes over your whole house. But in this case it is your aura.
When you have draining people around you, you suddenly feel tired (sometimes only the next day) - when someone forcefully invades your space, you feel chased. Or you feel a tightness, dissatisfaction , or all of a sudden you have feelings of inadequacy.  That  is understandable when your are bombarded with all kinds of compelling demands that are not in harmony with your essence and with your current goals.  So, when you feel something tightening in your body (a cramp or tension) ,   this is a signal that ideas and thoughts are entering your space which are not in alignment with your true self.

  • What can you do?  Clean up your ‘space’ regularly.  Depending on what suits you best, you might visualize.  Imagine you are within a large ball of glass, letting in those streams of colour that please you.  Visualize that everything in your colourful ball that is not your energy will leave the ball as a stream of dark spots
  • work with etheric oils. They harmonize your energy-field.  It is outside the scope of this article to describe the large variety of oils, but if you start with lavender, this will go for many moods and situations
  • work with sound.  Good classical music (Bach , Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi)  strongly harmonizes.  Harp music is also very beneficial.  You might say that its vibrations clean your space.
  • start moving . Dance, go out for a nature walk.  Sport can also be helpful when you truly enjoy it – not so when you are just responding to goals and expectations from others
  • sit down in silence. Silence is by far the most important to get in touch with your ‘space’ and keep it that way. Who are you really in this silence, in the absence of all those voices who pronounce what you are or what you should be or do?  If you can really be still inside  (and silence around you can be a real help) and you can stop the flow of thoughts, you will reach a point where you feel deeply relaxed,  aware of your ‘space’ and in total harmony with the cosmos.  From this harmony you arrive automatically at the right decisions and the right action.  The life impulses you will receive in this state will be  creative and as well as balanced.  Living from your own ‘space’ is living with vitality and harmony

Ans Carels ,  December 2004

^ Naar boven