An often heard misunderstanding is that ‘spirituality’ or the spiritual world is not with its feet on the ground. This is far from true, on the other hand, in a way , it is entirely true…. What is actually the reason why so many people think this way?  The answer is already enclosed in the word ‘thinking’.  The idea of not being with your feet on the ground is reinforced by the influence of Descartes and the spirit of that age. Descartes reasoned “I think, so I am”. Unfortunately for Descartes, thinking is only a small part of our total being. The large influence of this era – which by the way had its importance for the evolution of humanity! – was in any case that people even stronger identified with their mind, with their thinking. In this way, a split was born between heaven and earth, between the spiritual world on one hand and the mental and physical on the other hand. “Reality” became the tangible, thinkable and provable and everything you couldn’t hear, see or touch was not of this earth and a mere fabrication, a result of too much fantasy.

But have you ever really realised that the whole earth is not with her feet on the ground, that all of us here are floating in space on this planet. On a clear night, have a look at the sky and the stars and absorb this image. Nothing but space, and forms that float in this space. Physicists have discovered that also our physical body consists of  99.99%  empty space. This so called empty space is the universal intelligence that has created your physical form and which basically keeps your body healthy.  For example, you don’t have to think how you have to digest your food or about how to breathe and when you have cut yourself in your finger, you find it obvious that it heals.  It is an intelligence that works by-it-Self.  Even stronger, if you would go and think about it, you would only mess it up.
By going fully with your attention inside your body, you consciously are in touch with this universal intelligence, with that what you eventually are.  This conscious contact with your body is also called ‘grounding’.  In stead of being mainly in your head, in your mind, you first go with your attention to your feet , then to your legs, your trunk, your arms and hands.  It is helpful to visualize that your feet and/or your bottom have connecting lines to the centre of the earth.
The more often you practice this grounding, the more clearly you will feel your body and the life within it and the better you will receive signals. You will feel better and faster what you need in terms of eating and drinking and of activity or rest. You will be more aware of the signals around you , of the quality of energy that you meet and whether this suits you in this moment or not.  It is therefore essential for your health and for realising your goals. Your intuition will be sharpened, through which you can take better decisions.

A simple way to check whether you really want something, is to feel if your feet are firmly on the ground , in other words, do you feel whether you really have to take this step, do you have the right energy for it from top till toe. Or is it mainly an idea in your head (which could also come from somebody else….) that you can’t give form ?  The ether is filled with ideas and “programs” about how we should live, what our purposes should be.  By grounding you are able to feel whether your life energy keeps flowing, whether you are getting  blocked, or whether old blocks are manifesting
In this way , your body is a perfect ‘graduator’ for what is going on at an energetic level.  If you are too much entrenched in your mind , so too much in the past or the future and not enough in the now, this excessive mental activity puts your body under pressure continuously.
But also the compulsive mental activity of others and their negative emotions can cause  quite a headache or stomach ache.  In this context, our language has various expressions of which “a pain in the neck” is an example.  In stead of taking aspirin , it is better for your health to investigate how , and if , you want to deal with people that cause this trouble , and if and how you can change such a situation.
What can you do for better grounding?

  • walk as often as possible without shoes, in this way your feet connect best to the earth energy, which is also important to get rid of tension. In this way , it is easier to stay ‘down to earth’
  • sport or other physical activities like gardening, yoga or tai chi
  • get enough sleep. Without the necessary hours of sleeping you simply cannot ground well. Then you really have your feet off the ground…
  • breathing deeply and consciously
  • avoid alcohol : unfortunately for many people, drinking alcohol is not exactly enhancing a proper grounding

So, grounding means to be consciously present in your body. This presence means that you can feel the aliveness of your Being . the pure essence of who you are. If you are present from top till toe, you feel fit and you can manifest your goals both in harmony and power.


Ans Carels , January 2006

^ Naar boven